Fastbraces Will Straighten Your Smile Quickly

Posted on: April 1, 2016

Fastbraces®Our office offers Fastbraces®, a cutting edge solution in orthodontics to patients who want to straighten their teeth quickly. Patients that want to have a straight smile but do not want the discomfort of traditional braces can benefit from this new and improved technology. Now, you can have the smile you have always wanted with minimal discomfort and in less time.

Traditional metal braces are extremely effective, but they typically take over two years to move teeth into position. This can feel like a lifetime for patients that simply want their smile back. While on, metal braces need to be adjusted on a frequent basis in order to keep teeth moving into place. Every time there is an adjustment, the patient will typically feel pain or discomfort. While traditional braces work, many people avoid them due to these drawbacks.

There is a better way to straighten teeth – Fastbraces®.  This technology has been tested for over twenty years and has recently become available to the masses. We felt it was important to deliver this solution to patients because teeth can be moved into place within a year or less. This is extremely appealing to people that want to get the procedure over with as quickly as possible. As an added benefit, patients report less discomfort with the procedure. Even those with sensitive teeth say they are fine after an adjustment. This is compared with metal braces, where people have tooth pain for a week or longer after an adjustment. Overall, this is a better experience for patients and still gets the job done.

Imagine being able to straighten your teeth quickly and without pain. Previously, that was not in the realm of possibility. People over the age of thirty may remember how painful and unattractive metal braces were. Yet, they were the only way to straighten teeth. Between the pain and headgear, braces made for a very difficult couple of years. Once the braces were removed, most of these same patients were told to wear a retainer every night in order to prevent their teeth from moving back. Unfortunately, the majority of people did not follow that advice and their teeth moved somewhere between where they started and the straight smile they finished with. Due to this, many adults end up needing braces a second time.

Fastbraces is an ideal solution for people in this situation. Since patients feel only minimal discomfort, there is nothing to fear from the procedure. Additionally, the process may be able to be completed in only a couple of months since the teeth were straightened once before.

If you are considering straightening your teeth, call our office to schedule a dental exam and consultation. We offer multiple ways to improve your smile including Fastbraces®, Invisalign®, and cosmetic dentistry. We are currently accepting new patients and treat both children and adults. Together, we can form a treatment plan to accomplish your dentistry goals.