If Your Husband is Avoiding the Dentist – Book Him an Appointment

Posted on: January 17, 2017

DentistAs a dentist in Long Branch, we tend to see more women coming in for preventative checkups and teeth cleanings than men.  Men tend to come in more often with an oral health problem like a severe cavity or toothache.  This is unfortunate because a lot of these challenges can be completely avoided with ongoing care that men seem to avoid.  Since this seems to be a trend, studies were conducted to see why a lot of men choose to avoid the dentist.

The Academy of General Dentistry conducted a poll to find out, and the answers were more than a little surprising. Only 5 percent said that they didn’t come in because they didn’t have a dental provider.  We had thought that this percentage would be higher given the number of people that don’t currently have dental insurance.  Instead, the top two reasons for not coming in was dental anxiety at 30 percent and not seeing the need for it at 45 percent.

Dental anxiety is one issue that can be solved relatively easily.  With that advent of sedation dentistry, we can ensure that our patients are both relaxed and comfortable when they come in for dental work.  Regardless of how minor or how serious the procedure is, we can ensure that the time our patients spend with us is pleasant.  If your husband is avoiding the dentist due to a dental phobia, let us know, and we can prescribe him something to relax before the procedure even begins.

As for the group that doesn’t come in because they don’t see a need for it, that indicates an educational piece is missing, one that we hope to provide.

As such, here is why it is so important to visit the dentist. 

  • It prevents emergencies.

     No one wants to have a dental emergency or any health emergency.  Regular teeth cleanings and exams can prevent them because these appointments allow us to notice any issues while they are small and quickly treatable.  If, for example, an infection is allowed to spread, it will cause discomfort and perhaps the need for an emergency procedure. 
  • Save your teeth.

     If you don’t have ongoing dental care, the likelihood of keeping all of your natural adult teeth, is severely diminished.  A simple teeth cleaning combined with treating any health problems makes keeping your teeth into old age a stronger possibility. 
  • Gum disease is serious.

     As a dentist, we have realized that most people do not understand the severity of gum disease.  If allowed to spread, it will make the gums recede and cause pockets to form in the gum tissue which in some cases, leads to bone and tooth loss.  Additionally, scientist have found that gum disease is connected to heart health with the majority of heart patients having both conditions.  With over 1.5 million heart attacks per year, this is not a worthwhile risk to take. 

We recommend having teeth cleaned twice a year. Thus, if it has been awhile since your husband came in, we recommend that you call our Long Branch dental office at (732) 504-6914 and schedule him an exam.